Thursday, August 23, 2007

idea for mural

angel and i talked yesterday about my idea for the leftover space for the mural ... i am not so good at sketching so we decided that posting my idea would maybe make it so someone else could sketch it for me (danny?)
my idea was that we could do a big book with the pages leafing out and then on the pieces of each page you can see to have different people in different environments reading books... and then if a really detailed thing creates itself having their books have the same kind of thing going on.
i realize that only 2 full pages are going to be able to be seen but if done the right way i think we can have it so that pieces of other pages can be show to make a beginnings of images appear with the same general idea
angel mentioned that another book would be appearing on the other end of the mural with pages floating out so i thought maybe some of those pages could make it to the other side and flow into the book in my idea somehow


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